Salt Dog Slims enamel pin badge

Salt Dog Slims

Why Pin Head pins?

We as a bar were celebrating our fifth birthday with a huge industry led party with cake, steins of beer, hot dog eating competition and enough jagermeister to well celebrate a birthday with! We wanted to get something made to give back to the local bartenders, servers, presents and past staff as well as regular guests. So we got these fantastic little pins to give away. It makes our guests and regulars feel a part of a little club.

Pin are f*cking cool. We give away enough free drinks, discounted food, shots and these are for keeps. Plus they’re great quality and a birthday presents from us to them.

We’ve pretty much had social media gridlock and a slight obsession actually! Everyone wants one whether they’re given away, auctioned off or a small £5 a pop. Very popular.

Would you order from Pin Head again?

100% yes. In fact we have some in the pipeline as we speak!

If you could make a pin of anything in the world what would it be?

My face. Joking (am I?) I wanted to make pins for my best friends wedding favours with a picture of their dog ozzy holding a wedding ring if I am completely honest but we left it too late! We will be getting cocktail pins and different anniversary/occasion pins made defo.

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