Megan's garden pin badges

Megan Hurley

What made you want to order Pin Head pins?
I was a survivor of the Manchester arena attacks, I have recovered well but unfortunately my sister, my best friend, was killed. It was after a lot of thought, designs, printing & repeating that I decided to make a pin badge in honour of my sisters life in order to raise money for a garden being erected in memory of her. While recovering in hospital I chose my favourite image of my sister & began making it stylised before reaching out to pinhead, who made the design pin-ready & cut out the middle man for me. We raised a huge amount of money by selling 500 pins for £5 each.
Pins are timeless. They’re metal, they’re sustainable, they’re aesthetically pleasing (particularly the rose gold ones ????) and more importantly for me: they appeal to everyone. People of all ages are interested in pins, there is something so simple yet powerful about a tiny piece of metal with an everlasting image that you can keep with you always. Especially if sentimental.
What kind of a response have you had from the public and or social media about your Pin Head pins?
I was so shocked by the response to my pins, at first I only ordered 300 and thought I would struggle to shift the whole lot. To my surprise, I sold 500 pins within 48 hours. I think not only because it was a worthy cause, but because the pins were beautifully made.
How did you find working with Pin Head?
Pinhead really understood my vision from the get-go and did everything to achieve that with me. We casually WhatsApp’d about details, prices, changes etc – it was refreshing to work with someone so laid back who I could connect with aesthetically and artistically.
If you could make a pin of anything in the world what would it be? 
Britney Spears.
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