El Bandito pin badge on denim

El Bandito

What have you used your Pin Head pins for?

We have had Pins made for our Liverpool and London sites, these have become sought after collectors items around the locals bars and restaurants as well as our loyal regulars. You can see the everywhere on peoples jackets and bags it’s great. We also had pins made to entice people to our London pop up to complete the collection so far…

Why pins? 

They really are just dead cool, eye catching and immediately let people know where you have been and make people feel they belong.

What kind of a response have you had from the public and or social media about your Pin Head pins?

The Bandito pins both London and Liverpool went wild. We gave more of these out than the others and the response spread across the country between bars with bartenders posting their pins!

Would you order from Pin Head again?

Defo yes.

If you could make a pin of anything in the world what would it be? 

Lots of baby cacti in multi colours.

Find out more at elbandito.co.uk.