81 ltd enamel pin badge

81 LTD

What have you used your Pin Head pins for?

Originally the pins were ordered for staff uniform to go on the bartenders butcher aprons and management/door staff to be representing the floor they work on. We then started giving them out to guests who were interested. They will probably end up as part of a set of merch available online.

Why pins? 

Smart, professional, affordable and clearly define the two floors with have on Seel Street. Pins have worked really well for us. We didn’t even have to post much about these online before people were tweeting, emailing and posting asking for one. It got people into our venue to buy them also.

If you could make a pin of anything in the world what would it be?

For 81LTD classic cocktails it would be great or branded bottles for each bartender’s favourite spirits or base spirit in a cocktail.

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