Premium quality pins – that’s a promise!

The most common feedback we receive about the pins supplied is about how impressed people are with the quality. They really do look fantastic. Pin Head has a retail business selling designs by the founder Amy, we wouldn’t supply any product we wouldn’t sell ourselves. Due to the nature of pin production sometimes there are some duds in the batch, perhaps a missing piece of enamel or a drip, etc. If your order has more than 8% omissions we will organise a replacement with the factory as soon as we receive a photo of the pins. This is of course at no cost. Please just allow for 3 weeks for the replacements. In 3 years we have only had to do this 3 times but it’s good to feel reassured that we can do this. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is an issue with your order.

We use Solid Coated Pantone colours for the enamel but not every single colour tone sent over can be matched precisely. We will always try our best to get as close as possible and will always double-check with you before making any changes. 

French Bulldog In a Bandana

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