We want to work out the best finish and style so your pins really make a statement

There are so many wonderful choices to pick from when ordering pins. Here are some of the main options with photo examples to help. If you had something else in mind please get in touch, there is nothing we love more than a pin challenge. The Pin Head portfolio is growing by the day and every new pin opportunity gets us really excited. We are by no means limited to pins either. Pin Head can supply custom magnets, cufflinks, keyrings,  jewellery, and embroidered patches.

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Black cat reading a book enamel pin

Soft vs hard enamel

This Liverbeards pin is soft enamel. The great thing about soft enamel is that you are not restricted to a metallic base. We can dip dye the base any colour you wish. Soft enamel has a recess so the outlines stand out more than the other sections. Did you know that you can choose up to 3 colour combinations in any order at no extra charge? This is a great way to add variety.

The Just Books pin is silver with hard enamel. Hard enamel pins are polished once they have set which means that the base needs to be metallic; you can pick from silver, gold, rose gold and black nickel. Because of the polish process, very fine details such as tiny text may be lost. We will work with you to see which type of pins works the best for your design. The great thing about hard enamel is that we can add screen printed layers on top for finer details or shading.

Screen printing

When designing pins we generally recommend that each colour is surrounded by an outline and that all shading etc is eliminated leaving only blocks of colour. We can, however, add details and shading effect to pins using screen printing, which is applied once the pins have been set and polished.  It costs a little more but it can really elevate your pins to the next level. For soft enamel pins (see Colu heart pin) we can add a clear epoxy layer to make the surface flat and then add the screen print. The photo example shows “Local” and “Colu” screen printed onto the epoxy. Millie Dollar pin has 3 colours printed onto a cream enamel base. I’m sure you’ll agree the result is really striking. This pin option is great if you have very specific branding and logo guidelines to keep to and we need to keep the integrity of the original design.

Fun Fact: Colu is Liverpool’s very own “local pound” it is an online wallet that can be topped up and then used in hundreds of participating restaurants, shops, etc. The idea is to encourage spending locally rather than heading straight to the big corporations and supermarkets thus boosting the local Liverpool economy. Colu users are rewarded with 5% back when they spend using the app. Pin Head accepts Colu payments for bulk pin orders and single pins listed on the Etsy store. Please get in touch to sort out one-to-one. 

Backing cards

When selling or handing out premium quality pins it is important to present them well too. Backing cards are a great way to make your pins look like a more substantial item to be treasured and you can include any information missing from the pin itself. Some use’s of backing cards include; adding a website and or social media handles so people can find their way back to you (someone even put a QR code on theirs which was a very clever idea); there have been coffee stamp grids, discount codes, phone numbers, mission statements, and all sorts. If you’re happy to share existing artwork and branding briefs we can make sure that the complete pin/card package fits perfectly with your branding and that the card does nothing but compliment the pin sitting on it. Bold Street Coffee pins (pictured) were a Kickstarter reward for when their basement got flooded and they needed to generate funds to help them reopen. The cards had a sweet thank you message on the back.

If you choose to upgrade to backing cards from us then basic designs and those created from existing shared images is included in the price. If you would like something a bit more striking and special we will design bespoke artwork in a style that you like. Our hand-painted style backing cards have been really popular with recipients. You can see the Mattas and Bold Street Coffee designs pictured. This stylised artwork takes much longer to produce and so there is an extra charge for this. If you have an idea but can’t see anything like it on the site please don’t be afraid to ask and talk it through with us. We are artists at heart and love the challenge of trying out as many styles as possible. Check if we are online now to talk more about card ideas or fill in the contact form for a free no-obligation quote.

Pin Backs

There is a choice of different pin clutches to secure your pins. The rubber backs can be ordered in different colours so we can match up to your design and branding. We recommend going for colour as they are much easier to find if you drop them on the floor 😂.

The classic brass butterfly backs come in gold or silver finish and might be preferred if you want to completely cut out plastic from the order or if the design has more of a retro or old fashioned feel to it.

It is possible to upgrade to locking backs which are the most secure option. The locking backs are 30p each to buy RRP 70p (for those reselling their pins) It is fine to order these for only a portion of the order. Some pins require two posts but the pins only ever need one lock so we would suggest one of each in this case. The locking backs are a delicate little mechanism (don’t yank them!) but they really do not come off. Especially handy for jackets and rucksacks that are likely to move around and get knocked.

Glow in the dark

Why not make your pins glow in the dark?! These bespoke pins were created for Ghetto Golf a crazy golf venue with a cocktail bar, decorated in neon graffiti by Liverpool artists. The pins glow brilliantly in the ultraviolet lights. Glow in the dark also charges upon light and will glow for some time after being exposed to light (we’re sure you remember from when you were a kid). Please ask about glowing enamel when you place your order.


Pins are already fun but when you add glitter into the mix we are making some seriously eye-catching accessories. Please see these photos for examples of glitter pins. It does not cost much to upgrade and you can either choose one or two sections of glitter or go the whole hog. We can offer loads of different colours to get the best fit for your design. You can pick glitter for both hard and soft enamel pins.   Please ask about glitter enamel when you place your order.



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