Let’s start at the very beginning. In 2015, I released my very first pin badge. In fact, it was two, a double set featuring the popular children’s cartoon character CatDog from 90s television. This was fairly early on in the days when pins were just starting to become popular and piquing the imagination of Millenials, specifically Instagrammers. I used the money from the first pin sales to fund the next and I had myself a little pocket-money making hobby. During this time I was working on Bold Street in Mattas International Food Store. It was a cool little job, the first time I had worked for a small independent business. It was clear from the off the kind of loyal customer base and following that Mattas family business had built up in the 30 odd years they had been open. I always enjoyed knowing that Mattas was established in 1984, my own birth year. Mattas serves Merseyside grocery shoppers and particularly caters to international foodies and the vegan/veggie community.  Because of the central location among some of Liverpool’s finest restaurants and cafes they are also a kind of hub and supplier to many many local independents. There is a very community feel about the place. I think I was hired because I had just come back from a round-the-world trip (having tried lots of different cuisines) was a vegetarian and had a gluten intolerance so knew a bit about specialty diets. Also, I can eat for England 🙂

Dalip Matta asked could I create a pin, especially for the shop. From over a year interacting with die-hard Mattas fans I knew they would be a hit, and I so set about designing something quite personal. My take on the shop and surrounding street. The pins were a huge success with local shoppers and also the businesses in the area. Suddenly requests started coming in for bespoke designed lapel pins. What really started out as a favor for a friend became a brand new, very exciting business avenue to explore. As I set up some meetings with the potential pin clients and saw how excited they were about having their very own pins I realised how much I enjoyed these encounters and projects. This pin really turned everything on its head for me, my little hobby is now a full-time operation. I am full of gratitude for the opportunities this line of work has given me. Liverpool is such a special place,  I feel lucky to be part of and to be able to serve the wonderful, varied, indie businesses in the city I love.

I am thrilled to tell you that these pin badges have been reordered and will be on sale from 7th July which is the Celebrating Bold Street festival. They can be bought from the Pin Head stall outside or from the shop counter itself. I look forward to seeing you guys there.