A few months ago I launched the brand new Pin Head website but it was nearly a year in the making. When I decided to relaunch I specifically wanted a strikingly artistic site, I knew exactly who I wanted to do my photographs so that they would truly stand out. I had been admiring Honey I Shrunk Liverpool from afar for some time; if you are not following them on Instagram or Twitter you need to catch up quick! I promise you won’t be able to resist the charm of these tiny little figurines getting up to mischief in the city of Liverpool. After many sleepless nights fantasising about “little people” and pins together I dropped HISL a message and was thrilled when they said I could hire them for the job. Not only that but they already had some Pin Head pins in their own pin collection. The collaboration was definitely meant to be! I’m thrilled with the results. For this blog I caught up with Cathryn Appleton the creative mind and eye behind the lens of Honey I Shrunk Liverpool.

Can you tell us a little bit about Honey I shrunk…? 

Honey, I Shrunk Liverpool was a project I started in 2017 after spending a few months messing about with my new camera around Liverpool. I quickly realised that there were plenty of amazing photographers taking pictures of the buildings and people of Liverpool and I wanted to start something different. I had seen miniature and toy photography online and was interested in putting my own spin on it! Since then the HISL Instagram following has grown by over 11,000 people and it surprises me everyday how much people love it. I started my Instagram account to make people smile and I hope I’m still achieving that.

You’ve created quite a following now with people looking forward to the next instalment what do you think is so appealing about the “little people”?

I think what is so appealing about the little people is simply their size, people are always so shocked when they see how small they actually are! I also try and make all my pictures relatable in some way to the people of Liverpool. 

You have done the unique photographs for the Pin Head site. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. How have you found it?

I have absolutely loved working on the photos for the the Pin Head site. It’s been a great new challenge for me and I am so lucky to have been able to work on it. I have also loved taking pictures in the local businesses around Liverpool and meeting the people behind them. 

What are some of the main challenges doing what you do? 

It sounds so dull and British to say, but the weather is the main challenge of taking pictures of little people. A bit of wind is a nightmare and rain is a complete disaster. But besides that there aren’t many challenges apart from the funny looks I get lying on the floor on a Friday night taking pictures of a tiny plastic figure! 

What would you like to do next or how would you like to take HISL forward? 

After getting my camera and figures stolen a few months ago I have just started getting on track with my collection but I am really looking forward to keep creating new images for my Instagram. But everyday I get to work on HISL is a dream, especially when I get to work with other creatives. I would love to do more collaborations and commissions in the future. 

You can purchase beautiful prints and cards of Cathryn’s photography in her Etsy shop or perhaps you have your own project that you would like to hire her for? Drop her a message on social media or ask me to introduce you, I can’t recommend enough.