Always meet your heroes! Let me introduce you to my Instagram friend Gambit. A couple of years ago I created a pin for El Bandito who had a pop-up at Drunken Monkey bar in Shoreditch London. Gambit was a regular patron of the bar and his parents kindly tagged me in a wonderful photo with him proudly wearing his pin badge on his bandana. We quickly became online friends and I loved watching his adventures. Gambit loves visiting Liverpool. I missed him last time he came to visit but he sent me a picture by the Zig and Zag mural I did with Andatwhatcost (David Andrews)  to let me know he was thinking of me. Gambit loves pins so much that there are now Pin Head original pins of him that you can buy. Gambit is about to move back to America where he’s from. I feel very lucky that this weekend I finally got to meet him. I bought him a squeaky duck and some gravy bones. They went down a storm. We got to show Gambit, Kelly, and Will the best of Liverpool by inviting them to Africa Oye at Sefton Park. I’ve had an excellent weekend. Meeting Gambit was definitely a highlight. I hope to go and visit him when he’s settled in California.